Business qualification

2021-04-07 14:16:15 Mammoth - Mammoth
   1.     In the local stores and more than 2 people in the team, have a certain economic strength, and no bad hobbies
2.     Have a certain construction technology, good character, and have a certain ability to solve problems
3.     Actively cooperate with the company's operation policy and participate in offline activities
4.     It can ensure the storefront clean and tidy, and promote, maintain and establish the mammoth image in the designated platform every day
5.     Do a good job in product free distribution service( The goods must be delivered free of charge. If the store is complained, the payment for goods will be deducted from the store) < br / > 6.     Actively complete mammoth's performance task, each store's monthly turnover is more than 400 pieces of mammoth beauty sewing agent. If it fails to meet the standard for three consecutive months, it will be eligible for recycling