Mammoth brand introduction
Mammoth has all kinds of sewing products in the industry, providing OEM for major brands. Mammoth from small workshops to enterprises, precipitated numerous cooperative caravan, all over the country's market, and has a full and accurate cognitive foundation of construction accessories such as Meixiu. In China, even if a large number of new brands are born every year, few of them can really develop for a long time and form a certain popularity and influence in their respective fields. Therefore, the average life span of small brands is only 2-3 years, which has become a widespread public awareness. But mammoths have passed the stage of survival, and the next step is to challenge higher areas. Mammoth has been committed to new product research and development, to provide better quality and more healthy products for the market, to provide more convenient and competitive profitable products for agents. At present, our product line has diversified, cost-effective, formula stability, high-quality and high profit products, easily covering the needs of various channels. In the future, our product line will be more wonderful, please look forward to it!
Eight advantages of Mammoth
Brand advantage, sales advantage, honor advantage, technology advantage, R & D advantage, packaging advantage, storage advantage and cost advantage
Seven major franchise support policies
1. According to the square of the store area, the decoration expenses are subsidized to realize zero cost store opening, low threshold purchase, high advantage purchase and rich manufacturer support.
2. Mammoth provides free material support such as unified signboard, product display cabinet, publicity light box and work clothes.
3. Open the agency price of mammoth's full range of sewing agents.
4. The lowest supporting price of Triassic series sewing agents in one year.
5. Tungsten steel bar, cutting machine, electric glue gun, heating belt and other tools are all taken at ex factory price.
6. Get the local display space of mammoth tmall store, and search for beauty sewing agent on Taobao will give priority to your store.
7. Mammoth series, the rebate can be as high as 40%.
Five security policies
Mammoth five security policies, let your franchise store profit quickly
1、 Product direct supply guarantee:
Mammoth has a large factory, manufacturers direct supply, direct profit. No middleman to earn the price difference, comprehensive product series, stable supply, comprehensive R & D technology, stable trust.
2、 Double marketing mode guarantee:
Mammoths use online and offline marketing platform, online communication, online ordering, all in one.
3、 Independent operation guarantee:
Under the guidance of mammoth regulation and control, according to market demand, we independently make decisions on medium and long-term business strategy, holding receptions, participating in competition, etc., and organize the implementation of management rights.
4、 No inventory pressure guarantee:
Mammoth adopts the world's leading whole store output mode, and makes appropriate adjustments according to the different needs of franchised stores, so there is no need to hoard goods and reduce the inventory pressure of franchised stores.
5、 After sales customer service guarantee:
Mammoth has a special person to provide all aspects of after-sales service of the store, which ensures the whole process of the store operation without worrying about the follow-up problems to ensure the stability of interests.
Business qualification
1. Have a local store and a team of more than 2 people, have a certain economic strength, and have no bad hobbies.
2. Have certain construction technology, good character, and certain ability to solve problems.
3. Actively cooperate with the company's operation policies and participate in offline activities.
4. Keep the store clean and tidy, and promote, maintain and establish the image of mammoth on the designated platform every day.
5. Do a good job in product free distribution service( The goods must be delivered free of charge. If the store is complained, the payment for goods will be deducted.)
6. Actively complete the mammoth's performance task, and the monthly turnover of each store is more than 400 pieces of mammoth beauty sewing agent. If it fails to meet the standard for three consecutive months, it will be recycled.